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Four type of reports that respond to different research need and help brands get a deeper understanding of their specific targets, trends, and industries.

Trend monitoring report — Find the right space for your brand in a manner consistent with emerging conversations by highlighting new consumer trends and gathering valuable insights, supported by a trend forecasting tool.
Scenario evolution report — Land on the scenario in which your brand can make its voice heard by delving into the most relevant insights of an industry and its key players with the support of consumer insight tools.
Target deep dive report — Tune in to the most popular opinions and the most influential users by analyzing audience sentiment towards a particular topic, trend, product, or service, supported by a conversation analysis tool and a qualitative survey.
Tailor made report — Get an overview of your target audience or industry by receiving specific insights through a series of customized research activities, supported by a proprietary panel.

Our suites



· x3 Orbiter

Trend monitoring report — Quarterly

· x1 Lander

Scenario monitoring report — Annually

· x1 Sonar

Target monitoring report — Annually

The easiest solution to stay up to date on target and reference scenario developments.

Starting from


· x6 Orbiter

Trend monitoring report — Bimonthly

· x2 Lander

Scenario monitoring report — Six-monthly

· x2 Sonar

Target monitoring report — Annually

· x1 Drone

Tailor made report — Annually

An advanced reporting system that doubles trend and scenario updates by adding customized explorations based on specific needs.

Starting from


· x6 Orbiter

Trend monitoring report — Bimonthly

· x3 Lander

Scenario monitoring report — Quarterly

· x2 Sonar

Target monitoring report — Six-monthly

· x3 Drone

Tailor made report — Six-monthly

The most comprehensive mix of reports to stay in the know of all target, scenario, and trend developments in specific industries combined with a double dose of custom research.


As our world continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, it's increasingly important to stay informed and adaptable in your work.Regular analysis of the latest trends and best practices in your industry can provide valuable insights that help you navigate a rapidly changing landscape.
With this knowledge, you can make informed decisions and adjust your approach to keep pace with the shifting conditions. By staying ahead of the curve, you'll be better equipped to tackle any challenges that come your way and achieve your goals.
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