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People study to grow and learn more about themselves and the world, not just to pass a test or an exam. This is the message of the video, designed together with Alpha Test to speak to those who are facing the delicate transition leading to university studies.
Alpha Test is an Italian company that has been preparing students for university admission tests with its books and courses for more than 35 years. Today, it has the task of speaking to a generation of young adults grappling with great transformations and changes. Coming out disoriented from the pandemic, with so many questions about the individual and collective future, they are often struggling with the transition between high school and college, experienced as a forced choice, an automatic response to external expectations. It is no better for parents, caught between the fading of their own certainties and the unknowns about their children's prospects. How do we speak to those who are building their future in this context? How do we address the issue of growing up without feeding pressures and worries?
We responded to this challenge by changing perspective and getting back to the deeper meaning of studying, as opposed to its merely instrumental, utilitarian value. The video Diventa grande tells the story of a girl studying to pass a test. As she prepares, however, she understands that growing up depends not so much on whether or not she passes that test, but on the commitment with which she will choose to autonomously build her own story, away from the pressures, judgments and expectations of others. Commit to something you believe in, get to know yourself, find your own way. Make choices, accept mistakes, experience even failure as an opportunity to grow and improve. If we can remind young people that this is what studying is all about, then they will breathe again, leave room for the taste of discovery, and allow themselves to grow up by following their own aspirations and desires. A deep understanding was sparked with Alpha Test when we realized that this could not be a simple campaign, but had to go a little further. Because when they think like this, brands can really help transform culture and society. They can grow into greatness.
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