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We produced a video manifesto that gives a voice to everyone suffering from brain health diseases, fights against the stigma of mental disorders, and focuses on the importance of building bridges and relationships with those around you.
Angelini Pharma Brain Health is committed to promoting awareness about mental health and investing in both research and innovative solutions for disorders like schizophrenia, depression, and epilepsy. With more than 50 years of experience in the field, the brand’s goal is communicating the importance of taking care of people’s psychological well-being, a subject that has become even more relevant after the Covid-19 pandemic.
Behind the idea of the brand’s video manifesto, there is a strong commitment that takes Angelini Pharma even further in its mission: not only providing people with innovative and effective solutions, but also supporting them, showing them that there is always a way to move forward, towards a more inclusive society where stigma and discrimination have been overcome. We imagined a video that transposes the focus from the brand to the people the brand works for. Telling three stories and showing how difficult it can be to deal with mental disorders and to ask for help—involving the audience and moving their emotions to show the positive side of those situations: real relationships among real people. The film, titled “Every step closer, with you in mind”, highlights the importance of building bridges and creating a more inclusive society, where no one is left behind. This global campaign has a strong message to convey: there is always a way out, and with this video it aims to spread awareness on the importance of taking care of yourself—as mental health is fundamental for us to grow as individuals and improve as a society.
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