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We designed the new digital touchpoint of the historic company led for generations by the Barilla family, to tell the story of its commitment and the work of its brands. We redesigned the information architecture, shaped the content strategy, and redefined the group's digital visual identity, thus creating a new mode of storytelling.

Barilla, the large Italian company known worldwide for its food products, needed to reorganize its corporate website to make the most relevant information related to the company's history and work more easily accessible. A new digital touchpoint capable of narrating not only the brands and products, but also the role of people and the company's commitment to positively impact the future of food.
Redefining the digital application of the brand's visual assets, and deeply reorganizing the informational and narrative content. It was these two main vectors that guided our work in designing and developing the Barilla Group website. We based the design on the analysis of the behaviors and needs of different types of users, from Barilla people, to talent to attract, to institutional partners, to the media. Starting from the needs that emerged from these analyses, we worked on the graphic guidelines, component and page design, as well as the front end and back end development. We reorganized the content into a more rational architecture, particularly enhancing multimedia content and the systematic interweaving of words and images. We worked on content editing and writing original content, in both Italian and English. We designed visualization systems that would highlight key information related to a focus on people's well-being and a commitment to developing a sustainable supply chain, supporting communities by valuing diversity and inclusion. We introduced an important difference from other corporate sites by presenting the group's brands not just with key-numbers and product lists, but by starting with the narrative of how they contribute to achieving the group's mission. The center of the site's narrative is the commitment section, which tells the story of Barilla Group's mission to produce and distribute food that is "good for you, good for the planet."
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