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We engaged tech-savvy Barilla lovers across the US through a digital hunt for the brand's iconic pasta noodles hidden around their neighborhoods with a unique AR app on their smartphones.

With a wide range of food product brands in its portfolio, the Barilla Group is the world’s leading pasta maker—Barilla being synonymous with Italian pasta wherever it is sold. Barilla claims 25 percent of the US pasta market, but constantly needs to increase awareness—particularly among the younger generations who use social media. The challenge, in this case, was to reach out to a younger tech-savvy audience with the countless shapes of pasta and its distinct blue packaging.
Using an innovative geolocation system based on Open Street Maps and Google Maps, we designed a digital hunt for the brand’s pasta. Over a million iconic noodles were placed across the US. The IOS and Android app allowed pasta aficionados to capture the different types with their mobile camera. Hoping to win one of many Italian travel experiences, users posted their pictures online—sharing their favorite types of pasta on Facebook and Twitter. In this way, Capture the Pasta raised brand awareness across every state—and plate—in America.
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