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We tapped into Belvedere’s heritage through an Instagram awareness campaign, developing a unique digital experience that helps followers discover the birthplace, home, and culture of Polish vodka.
Belvedere is the product of 600 years of Polish vodka-making tradition. With one of the world’s strictest production regulations, each step of Belvedere Vodka production must occur on Polish soil with locally sourced, raw ingredients in accordance with Polish vodka’s geographical indication requirements. The Covid-19 emergency placed the people of Europe under a strict lockdown. Even if their desire to travel had never been so intense, they were forced to #stayathome. In order to entertain them and help them escape their homes—even if only through their Instagram accounts—Belvedere Vodka wanted to take all the Europeans on a virtual journey to its homeland, Poland.
We aided in the brand’s mission by completely transforming their classic communication on social media. The Spirit of Poland shows, in each post, the beauties of the territory, bringing to light all the curiosities related to Belvedere Vodka and its homeland, through careful editorial work and breathtaking images—shot after shot. How did we manage to get all the photos we needed of the land of vodka far far away, while we ourselves were also under a travel ban and stuck at home? Every object, photo, and editorial item ever published on Belvedere Vodka’s image bank became an essential part of our journey. The result? A no-cost travel campaign through Poland, offered by its finest vodka, to make all of us dream of taking a fantastic adventure, safely, from our homes.
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