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We helped Bolton Group spread the word about their brand’s new narrative to their employees. We used the foundation of an existing manifesto and purpose, for creating and defining the company culture, both visually and verbally. Giving the company a distinctive voice, language, content, and tools to empower, strengthen, and grow its community.

Bolton was born at the birth of consumerism, during a time when business was ready to boom. It was the best time to start a business, everyone was ready to take home a piece of the American dream. Today, with the second and third generations of the founder’s family taking control of the company, Bolton needed to rewrite its story to keep making the original dream a reality. And they did: they wrote a new manifesto, defined their company beliefs, and started thinking about their roll-out plan. What they needed was a way to take their message even farther, bringing it all together with a few key elements.
We turned everything we learned about the company into a mantra: Imagine Big, Do Better. That's just what the forefathers of Bolton cultivated: the ability to imagine bigger than ever before and to do better than anyone else. Then we created a set of tools that communicated both internally and externally the key messages of the company’s culture. We created a mantra, a line that people can easily remember and recognize as Bolton’s company culture. We designed a strong and bold visual identity, a style that makes the brand stand out from the crowd and makes the people stand tall with pride. We created a chromatic equivalent of the mantra: starting from the Bolton blue, we broke that down to the two colors that make it, to show that magenta stands for imagine, and cyan stands for do. We designed a mini-site dedicated to Bolton Culture, an interactive showcase of the company’s beliefs, as told by the pillars of their community (outstanding employees that bring these beliefs to life through both video interviews, text, and pictures. The new mantra comes to life not just through the materials we created, but also by involving their people directly. Putting the employees in the spotlight and asking them what it means to imagine big and do better, inspiring their community along the way. Having real employees open up and tell real stories right in front of the camera, incited a sense of ownership and brought the community closer together.
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