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We turned Instagram Stories into history lessons through a social media awareness campaign with the help of Gen Z, digitally preserving the memory of the lives lost in Nazi-fascist deportation.
The Stumbling Stones were created to commemorate those who lost their lives during the mass Nazi-fascist deportations from Milan. These golden cobblestones are located in front of the houses where the forced deportations took place. During the COVID lockdown, it became impossible for everyone to visit them. Also prohibiting the survivors from speaking in schools and sharing their stories with a new generation. In partnership with the city of Milan and with the support of Liliana Segre, Senator for Life, we decided to bring the message of the Stumbling Stones to the place where everyone moved during the pandemic: Social Media.
We asked for the help of the most important experts in online content creation: Gen Z. In fact, Instagram History started in schools. For months, we pieced together the stories of the World War II victims and brought them back to life in the digital world, through more than 800 tailored and designed Carousel Frames. The digital Stumbling Stones, unlike the analogue ones—thanks to the use of social media—offered more opportunities for in-depth analysis, reporting all the events in the lives of these victims and heroes of WWII. Those with the strongest social media followings lent their voices to those who were silenced by Nazi-fascism, turning their Instagram Stories into History. AC Milan, Internazionale FC, Lo Stato Sociale, Mahmood, Noemi, Elisa, I Ministri, Selton, Costantino della Gherardesca, Stefano Boeri, Beppe Sala, Ghemon and many others shared the lives of the deportees on their IG Stories for Holocaust Remembrance Day, ensuring they will never be forgotten. The campaign was not sponsored and all the results were obtained organically. In one single day, we reached more than 2,700,000 impressions, more than 5,000 followers, more than 13,750 interactions, and national press coverage.
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