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We helped Cosmico evolve its visual language and brand narrative. We designed a new website that transforms Cosmico into a platform where individuals and organizations can find the space they need to grow and thrive

Cosmico is a startup founded in 2020 with the aim of transforming the world of work and creating a new way to connect companies with the best talents in the fields of design and technology.
When Cosmico first started, we built the brand from scratch: name, logo, website, visual identity, and storytelling. The vibrant, colorful and illustration-based brand image supported a narrative focused on the stories of the 'unhirables’– the uncatchable talents, always in search of cosmic work experiences. Three years after its birth, Cosmico needed its image to keep up with its rapid growth and the maturation of its business and narrative. Finding a space for a radically different work experience is now a mission that concerns everyone.
To support Cosmico in its evolution, we worked on redesigning the narrative, visual identity, and website, harmonizing the elements so they could communicate the image of a completely renewed brand.

We reimagined the brand narrative, transitioning from the metaphor of the cosmos to that of space:
  • the new tagline, “Find your space”, makes Cosmico’s mission more universal, offering a more tangible and human interpretation of the concept of space;
  • the language and tone of voice align with the company’s ambition of becoming a strategic partner for all types of organizations and promoting the professional growth of people;
  • meaning, connection, freedom, discovery: starting from these four core values, we told the brand’s story.
We redesigned Cosmico's visual identity, creating a more neutral and essential style:

  • the reduction of the color palette to the contrast between black and white brings more emphasis to the content and the brand’s message;
  • the adoption of a photographic style enhances Cosmico’s wealth of images, narrating a concrete journey filled with people, experiences, and connections;
  • the guidelines make the application of the new visual identity coherent and suitable for all touchpoints, both online and offline.
We designed a new website that definitively transforms Cosmico into a platform, and contains:
  • a clearer narrative of the services, possibilities, and experiences that Cosmico offers to individuals and businesses;
  • a magazine that identifies Cosmico as a point of reference in the debate on the new forms that the world of work is taking;
  • a section with video content, and training materials.
Cosmico's new identity isn’t just the story of an evolving brand. It's a way to participate in the movement that’s imagining the future of work. A future in which people will above all want to work independently and responsibly along with creating something meaningful.
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