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We showcased a more human side of medicine through an interactive exhibit for DOC Generici powered by real-time monitoring and virtual pathway design.
The mission of DOC Generici, an Italian company that has been a leader in the field of generic drugs since 1996, is treating patients by doing good for all. Producing high quality drugs at reasonable prices, DOC offers economic resources to the benefit of the entire community. They are a company that strongly believes in innovative technologies as a tool for knowledge, education, and promotion. Their participation in the Rimini Meeting, one of the most important events in the world of culture, meetings and shows, with hundreds of thousands of participants from 70 countries spanning over five continents, was the occasion to collaborate in creating something unique and innovative.
Together with Doc Generici, we celebrated the beauty and complexity of human well-being through an interactive digital exhibition. This exhibition focused on visitors' experience by showing them the warmer and more human side of medicine. The “Beautiful Inside” experience is a virtual path based on real-time body monitoring, able to improve the systems of the human body and their functioning. During the week of the Rimini Meeting, thousands of people could experience the exhibit by walking along a path in the dark, at the end of which on a big screen saw its animated silhouette, which showed in real time, an artistic review of the main body systems. “Beautiful Inside” was inspired by the complexity and beauty of the human body, and what’s required to take care of it. It was an experience designed not only for professionals but for diverse type of viewers—from adults to children. All of which, thanks to all the activity and educational content available during the journey, enables us to learn more about the world of generic drugs.
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