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We revealed Enel Group’s new identity through the release of Endesa’s One Hub in record time, designing the new website for the leading Spanish energy company in just six short months.

With more than 10 million customers in Spain and Portugal, Endesa is firmly committed to a decarbonized economy. The path towards energy transition is their main challenge as a benchmark company in the energy sector. With this project, Endesa needed to get closer to fulfilling their Open Power objectives and desire to bring energy to their customers in a much more authentic and personalized way.
We started with a global company that had multiple target audiences and two very different web platforms. The first step was to merge Endesa’s two websites (commercial and corporate) into “One Hub”. We then embarked on the challenge of transforming Endesa’s digital ecosystem through a user-centric, mobile-first branded experience. In just six months, we built a single, powerful, and responsive platform adapted to all audiences and devices. We engaged in user research and joint co-creation workshops with our stakeholders, hence thoroughly addressing the needs of the project's development based on these findings. Our previous work developing the Design System for the Enel Group allowed us to have at our disposal a comprehensive reference repository that facilitated the design of web components, resources, and modules that shaped the visual language of Endesa.com in record time. Endesa’s commitment to sustainability had to be on every page, creating a common thread throughout all their content. We decided to create a transparent and accessible ecosystem and website structure, ensuring that the content could be easily and quickly available for all target audiences in just a matter of clicks, scrolls, and swipes. The site also complies with the highest accessibility standards (AA certification), proving its ease of use for all. After the launch of Endesa.com in January 2020, we started working on a comprehensive design optimization model along with the development of new components to take the business objectives to the next level. These activities included: the design of a Power Calculator tool, advertising modules, recruitment and customer service modules, design of the Única service platform (Endesa's flagship product and its big bet for the next two years), and continuous improvements to the website’s performance.
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