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We launched a single brand-centric corporate touchpoint and design system that embodies the essence of global and multinational utility company, Enel, at a core level.

Part of the Enel multinational energy group, Enel Energia is the largest power company in Italy, serving more than 30 million Italian customers. As a producer, distributor, and provider of energy, the company has a legacy of both institutional and commercial websites. Over the last few years, Enel has made a real cultural shift from a utility company to a commodity provider. For direct customers and those sourced via the free market, this has meant an ever-increasing demand for information and services.
We designed a single touchpoint—found at—to meet the various energy requirements. The new platform allows users to access and manage their domestic and heating contracts, and even to estimate future costs and expenses based on their own unique set of criteria. Aptly named One Hub, the platform combines a new form of customer-centricity with the commercial and editorial soul of the Enel brand. It demands less user input to meet more personal needs, and its interface is designed to bring users swiftly to the services they seek—without any distractions along the way. We created the website’s design system from scratch, including a set of flexible modules that can be used as is or customized to adapt to any touchpoint throughout the Enel website ecosystem. We created, managed, and SEO-optimized all the content for the site in two different languages, English and Italian. We optimized the performance of through custom improvements using cognitive and perceptual analysis, customized strategies on different targets, creation of customized creativity, mapping of analytical evidences, and implementation of the insights After its success in Italy, the platform was rolled out in the rest of the world. According to Federica Federico, Head of Digital Marketing Enel Energia, “The One Hub Italia project represents a great opportunity for the evolution of Enel’s Customer Experience: the customer has a smooth and uninterrupted experience – the site simply takes you where you want to go.”
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