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Words can change the world when they encapsulate concepts that trigger a revolution: based on this premise, Enel's “Parole Nuove per una Nuova Energia” (New Words for a New Energy) social campaign was born, with the goal of telling the story of the brand's commitment to a just energy transition, for all.
Enel has been at the forefront of the energetic transition since 2016, when its Open Power vision began. Under this vision, openness is a key element of the group’s strategic and operational approach. Following the Open Power vision, we helped Enel bring attention to and raise awareness around the importance of the energy transition. Together, we tried to change words into actions. Literally.
In collaboration with, a web magazine dedicated to art, design, and contemporary culture, the project came to involve three artists, Alessandro Giorgini, Stefano Colferai, and Ramona Iurato, who produced nine graphics with their unique style. The contents were published, on a weekly basis, on the artists' social channels to tell about the "new energy" in which Enel invests. In addition to the content developed by the three creators, we illustrated a glossary of words that make up the mosaic of the energy of the future: a list of key concepts-key concepts of the ongoing energy transition, on which Enel is engaged as a key player. Each concept is illustrated with a visual language created specifically for the initiative, with the aim of enhancing the link between energy—understood as color and movement—and the individual concept explored. The website hosts a content hub dedicated to the project, collecting all the content published on the social channels, as well as in-depth information on the themes proposed to users. In fact, all published words link to other resources on the site, where it is possible to further explore Enel's positioning and commitment to sustainability, energy transition, innovation, and people.
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