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We enabled corporate brand narration through an interactive digital communication experience, showcasing the faces, stories, and opportunities within the Enel Group.

In an increasingly complex world due to progressive digitization, organizations need many new professionals and fresh talent, new approaches, a clear purpose, and a strong internal culture. All of these aspects are difficult to express without being self-referential.
Enel decided to do this by allowing everyone to explore what it’s like to work in their group, directly through the voice of those who work there, through Enel People. Enel People is an interactive communication experience that combines employer branding and talent acquisition. A platform created to show faces, stories, and opportunities within the Enel Group. With Enel People, anyone can meet Enel professionals from every sector and every location (68,000 employees in 33 countries), getting to know their first-hand POV on what makes the organization and their specific role special. The interface makes it possible to replicate the experience of an informal chat: the user can ask employees questions, listen to their answers, find the people they relate to most, and keep the conversations going to get to know the people, roles, and the group better. Then, from the platform, people can not only see the available open positions, but can apply directly. Enel People enables a continuous dialogue that shows Enel’s infinite number of possible paths for seasoned professionals and new talent.
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