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In order to guide Pet Lovers to a greater understanding of cats’ behaviors, we created an experience based on the reading of the player’s facial expressions.

It’s no secret that cats rule the web, and everyone tries—and fails—to get on their good graces. The SempreInsiemeByFrontline community asked us to understand how to best take care of their furry and furious four-legged friends, without losing any fingers.
Playing together is an essential part of the human-pet relationship. Who better than SempreInsiemeByFrontline to use gamification to balance education and fun, creating an even stronger bond between cat and owner? Together, we built a web-based application with artificial intelligence and face mapping technologies. Through the use of our cameras and microphones, the application recognizes and re-interprets facial expressions as well as the tone and intensity of the user's voice. The technology can then decipher emotions and show how the cat would react to the given commands. It is a fun experience that entices sharing on social media and above all, engages the community, making its edutainment mission effective. In the interactive game, we created different situations, the same ones people find themselves in when owning a cat. The experience, based on the reading of the players’ facial expressions and tone of voice, is able to guide them towards a greater understanding of the most correct behaviors to use in real-life situations. If they behave as the game suggests and react correctly, they will be able to advance towards winning the game and winning the heart of their pet. Creating a game experience, in this context, proves beneficial on a twofold level: while it provides a fun and educational moment for users, it also becomes an excellent opportunity for visibility and growth with the Sempreinsieme by Frontline social pages.
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