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We opened the door to Full Reality with a new brand image, narrative, and website for Invrsion. Ensuring every part of the UX reveals their full potential to their full scope of potential clients.

In a world where VR is synonymous with gaming and expensive toys, Italian-based VR company, InVRsion, was having an increasingly hard time connecting with prospective clients. That’s because they don’t create VR games or virtual worlds, they work in the real world of retail, helping brands create immersive digital environments both online and in-store with their VR, AR, and 3D technologies. Thus, their target audiences ranged from fashion and CPG to real estate and interior design — businesses who thought they had no business in VR.
This called for a total rebrand, a brand new strategy from the name to the narrative. We needed to give a human touch to their high-tech name and way of speaking. By turning InVRsion, into Invrsion, we were able to take the focus off of VR, and pave the way for a new communication that isn’t so tech-savvy, but instead tells a more immersive and engaging story that everyone, from every industry, can both understand and relate to. We created the website, designing one hub for each of their very different target audiences tailored to each of their unique needs, personalities, and industries. We introduced different visual identities, landing pages, and content for each of the main industries Invrsion wanted to speak to. This meant that no matter who accessed the website, they were able to easily understand the products that were the best fit for their business. We crafted the storytelling based on the “Full Reality” concept. A new term we coined to not only describe the technologies they work with, but a new way to describe what they do: opening the door between the digital and physical worlds. The entire website is filled with copy that paints a picture of this future as well as visually showing the user to enter this new, Full Reality. The whole project helped Invrsion emphasize a commonly overlooked value of their business that there is only one reality, and by bringing the two worlds together, we create a continuous value loop, where these two worlds can help each other simultaneously.
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