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ITAS is beyond insurance. For this reason, we have created an integrated campaign for its 200th anniversary that recounts the uniqueness of the Company, which, unlike many others in the sector, has always looked at people before numbers.
Many things have changed since 1821, but the mission of ITAS has remained the same: taking care of people, reinvesting its earnings in projects that support the community and the territory. ITAS request was to recount these values in a campaign celebrating the Company's 200-year history.
To tell the story of the Company's humanity, we produced four illustrated prints and billboards, a feature film and a custom website. In every piece of media, we have taken the language of finance and markets and given it a new meaning. In a word, human. The reinterpretation of the world of numbers can be found both in the copy and in the visuals, where we superimposed the natural elements characteristic of Trentino Alto Adige - where ITAS was born 200 years ago - on the Cartesian diagrams typical of financial reports. ITAS has never been a self-referential Company, and this clearly emerges from the campaign line: "200 years of ITAS. A story about you". The 200th anniversary of ITAS is the perfect opportunity to talk about those who really wrote this story: the company's insured members. Therefore, the history of ITAS turns out to be the collection of the stories of the people who have made it possible to reach this milestone. The attention to the members and to all that they hold dear is what, since 1821, has always distinguished ITAS from other insurance companies. Its mutualistic form is the concrete testimony of a commitment to the community and to future generations.
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