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Adrenaline and relaxation, effort and leisure.
The two opposite poles of sport and cruise experience come together thanks to a captivating storytelling to celebrate the partnership between MSC Crociere and AC Milan.

Starting from the 2023/2024 football season, MSC Crociere will be AC Milan's new sleeve sponsor. How to celebrate such different worlds, how to highlight their connection while engaging football fans and tourism lovers?
We deliberately did not dissolve the tension between the adrenalin rush of sport and the complete relaxation of a cruise holiday. Instead, we embraced it and made one long for the other.
We realized a series of reels illustrated in cartoon style by the famous artist Simone Peano. The reels take their cue from an athletic performance or a moment of great effort from a player: an adrenaline-fuelled solo run to score, an action prevented by an insurmountable barrier of defenders, an incredible save.
When the peak of fatigue and effort begins to decline, it is time to relax. The MSC logo on the player's sleeve lights up: by touching it with his hand, the player is immediately teleported to a cruise ship, where he can finally relax.

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