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A passion as big as the world, as powerful as an anthem. It’s with this international, choral sentiment that MSC Cruises celebrates the victory of its city’s team, Napoli, as Italian soccer champions of the Campione d’Italia for the third time.

#UnCoroPerNapoli, meaning “A Choir for Naples,” sung in different languages from all over the world along the many routes of the cruise company, celebrates what sports and travel have in common: bringing people together and connecting them by going beyond borders.

Rather than a problem, it’s about a dream: after thirty-three years, Napoli are back as champions. MSC Cruises pays tribute not only to this sports achievement, but to the history and culture of an entire city, loved and hated, that has conquered the whole world.
In the stadium and in the streets of the city, a choir among all showed support for Napoli:
"I'll be with you / You must not give up / We have a dream in our hearts / Napoli are back as champions.

The idea of ​​the video was to take the choir on a journey around the world, thanks to the MSC ships, the people who work there every day, and the guests who enjoy their vacation on board. From the uniforms worn by the butlers to the walls of the relaxation areas, all the way to the swimming pools, these iconic verses are sung in the languages ​​of the countries touched by the most popular routes.

The video, presented for the first time during “Maradona” on DAZN for the celebrations of the end of the championship, is only the first part of an activation campaign that aims to create the largest choir ever, a Guinness World Record choir.
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