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Those who live in Milan tend to move throughout their days like a F1 race: using both light and sound effects, we make them dream about slowing down their hurried lifestyle and make a pit stop aboard an MSC cruise.
In 2022, MSC Cruises became a Global partner of Formula 1. A partnership that not only gives the brand a higher visibility, but also is a great occasion to widen their offer for current and prospective cruisers: new stops in the cities that host the F1 championships (such as Dubai), large screens to watch the races on board, and F1 3D simulators to live the experience of an actual race. MSC Cruises aims at making people enjoy their cruise starting from the moment they book one, when they are still on the mainland. And what better moment to make them dream about a holiday than when they are as far away from it as possible, like when they are running to catch their usual train to go to work and begin the full work day ahead of them?
Milan, Cadorna Station, October 2022. Trains leaving, people running, minds racing, time flying. What if it all just stopped? The hustle and bustle of the Milanese lifestyle often looks a lot like a F1 race, but our “The racing billboard” dared to catch their eyes of the passersby, and make them stop. An interactive billboard, thanks to a motion tracking system, detected the movements of people passing by and shocked them with the sound and light effects of a F1 car. Once their attention was caught, a message appeared on the screen: “Always running? Take a pit stop with MSC Cruises, Global Partner of F1”. We made them stop for an average of 3.2 seconds, a short time that make them think about taking a break from their face-paced lives and start planning their next slow-paced holiday.
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