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We turned a simple product shoot into a magical story to read and listen to, starring our little reindeer Comet. Through product storytelling, we told what happens in the homes of Italians during the most magical night of the year: Christmas Eve.

Pan di Stelle is the brand that adds a little magic to anything. Even to a photoshoot for our special Christmas boxes, containing limited-edition Pan di Stelle products, elegant Thun Mugs, and the plush toy of Cometa—the sweet little reindeer ready to brighten up every family's Christmas. Could we have just taken simple product photos and then posted them on our social channels, accompanied by a caption talking solely about our limited edition boxes? Absolutely not. With the goal of brand awareness and conversion, we presented our limited-edition Christmas boxes to the community, placing them within a magical narrative, set just before the stroke of midnight, in the heart of the most magical night of the year: Christmas Eve. A Stellar story that accompanied Brand Lovers throughout the month of December. A story for all to read, but also to listen to.
We devised a multichannel strategy, focusing on magical storytelling, with the goal of making brand awareness and, secondly, conversion. On our Instagram and Facebook feeds, we posted several photoshoots featuring our products, our limited edition Christmas boxes, and, most importantly, the messy little Comet the Reindeer. Each of the shots represented a different chapter of our Christmas story, “Risveglia il Sogno della Notte di Natale” ("Awaken the Dream of The Night Before Christmas”). The story recounted the adventures of Comet the Reindeer who, in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve, decided to prepare a special Christmas breakfast (not without a few hiccups) for a very lucky family. In addition to taking photos to post on our social channel feeds, we also asked a professional speaker to record the Christmas story so that it could be listened to by even the littlest ones before they fell asleep. The audio tracks were posted in the stories section of our profile and later placed in the "Featured Stories" section. On TikTok, we posted the behind the scenes clips of the photoshoot, showing the community the tricks used by the photographers to make each piece of content as magical as possible. Brand Lovers loved our story and fell in love with the Comet the reindeer stuffed animal, who we can say was the real star of our campaign. Some families even thanked us for giving happiness to their children, even calling Comet "sweetness in a plush,”—the sweetest words, which made our work even sweeter. Lots of limited edition boxes were purchased on our Amazon brand store and the numbers of our Christmas campaign reached the stars: +6 million users reached on Meta, +6 million video views on TikTok, and +87k interactions on Meta and TikTok, not to mention lots of Comet the reindeer stuffed animals given away for Christmas.
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