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We spread joy and brand awareness through the organization and management of the digital-first product launch of Pan di Stelle’s spreadable cream, doubling the Italian cookie brand’s sales.
Especially known for their iconic eleven-star biscuits, in 2019 Pan di Stelle launched a new product: a magical rendezvous between the sweetness of cocoa, the goodness of hazelnuts, and the memorable crunch of Pan di Stelle cookies. A spreadable cream that has created great anticipation, and needed a launch aimed at making their cream known to a variety of targets, also demonstrating that it is possible to sell a product using only digital channels.
To do this, we focused on Facebook and Instagram, with a campaign centered on short mobile-first videos that can also be played without audio. The success was such that the cream soon went out-of-stock, becoming nowhere to be found after just a couple of weeks, without any TV or radio spots or billboards being broadcast. Consequently, creativity has been adapted for two purposes: to encourage the first purchase for new customers and to build customer loyalty among those who had already tried it. We designed and created the videos of the campaign to showcase all the qualities of the cream, highlight the taste and even suggest some possible combinations. Through the reach and frequency tool, as well as automatic placements, the target audience of Pan di Stelle has been exposed to different content, each for a specific phase of the funnel, also aided by the collaboration of Facebook Creative Shop and OMD. Thanks to two studies—one on Facebook’s brand lift and one on GfK sales—we verified to have had significantly better results than all the market averages, resulting particularly effective among women aged between 18-24 and over 45. The campaign has even become a “success story” on the Facebook for Business site.
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