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We poke fun at the common clichés surrounding polenta through an integrated television and social media campaign, conveying a more real and modern perception of Italy’s iconic instant polenta brand.

Polenta Valsugana is a popular and traditional Italian dish, but it’s commonly served with a series of stereotypes related to seasonality (“It’s only eaten in winter!”), territory (“It’s only a northern Italian dish!”), and misconceptions about the product (“It’s too difficult to make”, “It’s too heavy”, “It takes too long”, etc.). With all these on the table, how do you convey a more modern and real perception of the brand?
We started from the idea that those who still believe in these commonplaces must live in the past. And the only thing left to do in the face of certain beliefs... is to laugh about it. This is why we developed a campaign with an ironic tone that unmasks the myths about polenta, playing on a double semantic level in Italian. “Buona questa!”, in fact, is both the expression we use when we hear something absurd, and what we say when we taste something good. We created a bingeworthy sitcom that pays tribute to the ‘80s. From the set to the fashion and the style, you’ll be brought back to the times of big hair, loud laugh tracks, and the warm embrace of the stereotypical TV family we all know and love, each member riddled with their own equally laughable stereotypes. An online film from the 90s, later divided into three episodes for TV. All the material was then used for the creation of social content, GIFs, and a dedicated page with in-depth information on the protagonists of the film. We looked back to jump forward: a retro and outdated sitcom, just like certain ideas about polenta, was used to modernize polenta and move its popularity into the future. By making it pop.
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