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We created a 4-episode web series, in collaboration with The Pozzolis Family, to show how the goodness of Polenta Valsugana can unite Italians divided by all the stereotypes surrounding the iconic “food of the north”.
Polenta Valsugana is a dish of popular tradition that is often seasoned with all sorts of stereotypes (e.g. it’s too northern Italian, it’s too heavy, it’s too hard to make, it’s too to eat in the summer). Can such a dish really unite Italians? One of the qualities of Polenta Valsugana is, in fact, its versatility, capable of combining different flavors and eating styles. In short, it’s always a good idea.
In collaboration with The Pozzolis Family, we have created “Una Polenta per 2” (A Polenta for 2): a 4-episode cooking format to show off the flexibility of Polenta Valsugana while also being sprinkled with irony to try to bust the myths surrounding the dish. Just as in the Italian cult classic film, “Una Poltrona per Due” (“An Armchair for Two”), the two main characters, despite their differences, work together to find the key to success, in our version, the two challengers instead come together to find a meeting point, or rather a meeting plate. In each episode, we’ve served up a new recipe that combines regional cuisines, eating styles, and generations, proving that polenta really is a good idea for everyone. The collaboration with The Pozzolis Family was fundamental for the creation of the single episodes that were then published on the influencers’ YouTube channel. A 4-handed work that achieved more than 6.2 million impressions and was promoted on the brand’s Instagram and Facebook channels.
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