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We have redesigned the new digital ecosystem of Enel X Way, the Enel Group's business line dedicated to the e-mobility revolution through charging services in addition to hardware and software solutions for individuals, businesses, and public administrations.

Since its founding in 2022, Enel X Way had not yet developed specific digital solutions for the type of business it addressed. The digital touchpoints were adaptations of existing solutions from other business lines with completely different needs. Consequently, the user experience appeared fragmented and disconnected, and it was not as effective in achieving online sales goals for home charging hardware and guiding various types of customers to help them identify the best solutions in a still relatively unknown market. It was also necessary to highlight Enel X Way's identity as a global technological player rather than just as a charging solutions provider.
We have redesigned a digital ecosystem capable of supporting the sale of products and services by focusing on three main aspects:

A new visual system, ready to accommodate current business needs and assist future developments: 

We have defined the guidelines for the visual representation of a highly diverse catalog, consisting not only of hardware products but also software products, tariff plans, subscriptions, and consultancy services. We have created a new web design system based on the Enel Group's brand guidelines to support the new user interface of the ecosystem and to facilitate the future creation of new pages and touchpoints in a consistent manner.

A new customer acquisition and support experience: 

We have designed a smoother user experience and a faster and more streamlined purchasing journey by enhancing the platform with the latest version of Adobe Experience Manager and integrating Magento for making purchases directly on the website. In addition, we have created a "Smart Profiler" for better customer targeting, directing them quickly and directly to the most suitable solution for their needs. Also, we have reorganized the content dedicated to customer support, integrating it with new multimedia guides.

An extensive review of the Tone of Voice: 

We have rewritten from scratch the promotional and informational content for the products in the catalog, making them more accessible and comprehensible, particularly in a context where most users are new to it. 

Together with Enel X Way, we have redefined the brand’s vision, mission, and purpose, helping to position Enel X Way as a prominent global player in the field of sustainable mobility innovation.
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