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We brought global awareness to climate change through an integrated cross-media project during the Formula E Grand Prix in Rome and NYC, helping Enel truly drive sustainable power and mobility.
For years, Enel has been committed to developing services and technologies that can address the challenges of the climate crisis. At the same time, the company is constantly looking for new ways to create awareness and spread the need for collective action, involving people to trigger the changes needed to protect the planet.
During the Formula E Grand Prix held in Rome and New York City, we launched Race To Change, a platform powered by Enel to inspire and encourage everyone to change the way they move. Race to Change is based on a concrete action: choosing to give up a polluting means of transport in favor of a sustainable alternative. It’s a single pledge that everybody takes on and then makes their commitment public by sharing it on social media. Small or large, the impact of each action adds up to make real progress. The more pledges received, the more CO2 emissions avoided—and the faster we move towards sustainable mobility. Enel also matched the users’ pledges by planting a tree as a gift to everyone who took part in the race. Then, they could name their tree and follow it online. We involved a network of influencers and opinion-makers sensitive to sustainability issues to raise awareness about the platform among as many people as possible, all over the world. In addition, people who committed themselves to making sustainable mobility choices received a unique certificate, designed by the illustrator Francesco Poroli. In just 10 days from the launch date, we collected the pledges of over 7,000 participants in 35 different countries, avoiding more than 1 million kg of CO2 emissions. For this reason, we decided to extend the race, making a grand total of three editions.
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