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Regina’s new TikTok channel talks to younger audiences not just to capture their attention, but to create a lasting interaction. And a funny one. Content after content, Regina enters people’s everyday lives, just as Sofidel has been entering their homes with its iconic products for years.
With its historic brands, Sofidel has played a prominent role in people’s lives for many years. Regina has earned a reputation in the field that keeps its brand promise in the evolution of production techniques and the reliability of its products. But how to stay relevant in the face of technological changes and in the eyes of a young and growing target audience?
Together with Sofidel we realized that the goal was not just “talking to” but to start “talking with” young audiences. That’s why we launched the TikTok Regina channel and designed a consistent content strategy. According to which the brand positioning, Paper For People, was meant to be taken to its next level: Paper Fun People. Every day, through each and every content, the product recognition translates into a fun and memorable situation. Making the everyday reliability of the product an everyday source of entertainment and engagement.
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