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ITAS joined forces with ETC company Telepass to inspire people to confidently push their boundaries. We created a campaign focused on how freedom and security can coexist and effectively fuel the spirit of exploration. Our goal was to communicate how ITAS and Telepass together enable individuals to venture beyond their comfort zones, assured by the protection and support these trusted brands provide.

ITAS has always prioritized the security and progress of its community. As a mutual, it invests in the well-being of its members, offering the peace of mind needed to explore and achieve their fullest potential or, in this particular case, having a solid and reliable car insurance. The challenge was to communicate this commitment in a way that deeply resonates with those seeking both adventure and security. In a world where safe travel is essential, ITAS needed a compelling narrative and a fresh perspective that could set them apart from other car insurance providers. In partnering with a more well-known brand like Telepass, ITAS also needed to be able to retain its own core values and identity at the front. This partnership, showcased through television commercials, would also mark ITAS’s return to TV after several years, leveraging the unique, widespread visibility this medium offers.
We developed an emotional campaign that captures the essence of freedom and security. We produced a TV narrative following various individuals as they step out of their comfort zones, yet feel at ease — thanks to the support from the joint effort of ITAS and Telepass. The campaign, anchored by the tagline “Liberi di andare ovunque, sicuri di arrivarci” (“Free to go anywhere, sure to get there”), features serene and reassuring scenes: families traveling in electric cars and carefree drives through the picturesque landscapes of Trentino, ITAS’s native region. In addition to the TV commercial, we expanded the campaign by also embedding out-of-home, radio and print ads. Every image of the project is designed to evoke peace and assurance, ultimately promoting and encouraging boundless exploration backed by unwavering security.
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