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The new website for Tinexta Group is not just a communication tool: it is a digital experience that transforms the company's storytelling and brings its identity into focus. The design of the site, developed through co-design work involving all components of the group, was an opportunity to equip the organization with a new way of telling its story, internally and externally.

Tinexta is an industrial group that has quickly become one of the leaders of the tech sector. Based in Italy and present in 9 countries between Europe and Latin America with over 2000 employees, the group is active in the strategic sectors of Digital Trust, Cybersecurity, and Business Innovation. The rapid evolution of the group, which has grown through a strategy of acquisitions and mergers, required the definition of a clear identity. The new corporate website had to become the place to harmonize the relationship between the different business areas and companies of the group. While at the same time, bringing out the group’s positioning and its commitment to the transformation of society and the economy.
To design the new site, we started from a story. Actually, from the stories of all the components and companies of the group, which we involved in a co-design process. We focused on its purpose, mission and vision, traced its history, and built a storyline capable of communicating all the souls of the group in a coherent way. The storyline then resulted in a tagline that encapsulates, in two words, the deep essence of the group: Think Next. Involving all components of the Group, we came up with a storytelling capable of redefining, and bringing it into focus, the identity of Tinexta. To summarize the storytelling we came up with the tagline "Think Next," which plays with the group name itself: renewing it and extending its meaning. We designed the new website by thoroughly reorganizing the content architecture and equipping it with a dynamic and accessible design system. We redesigned the group’s digital identity, rethinking colors, typography, and images. We designed and produced a series of videos presenting the new identity, also creating a special logo animation that makes the tagline "Think Next" dynamic. We aligned all communication assets, internal and external, of the group with the new identity. Designing a site and rewriting a group’s identity at the same time: this is our way of "shaping the future," to think next, through design.
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