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We created an unconventional and edu-taining digital experience that aims to engage the youngest audiences and raise their awareness on food sustainability: gamification is the key to a fun experience that transforms an important subject into a game.
For 10 years, The Barilla Foundation’s Center for Food & Nutrition has been promoting the importance of food sustainability, addressing food related issues with a multidisciplinary approach, securing the health state of people and the planet from an environmental, economic, and social point of view. But what about the point of view of the next generation?
We created an edu-taining digital platform dedicated to Gen Z and Gen Alfa, characterized by a fresh and young tone of voice and that found the key of its efficiency in an entertaining approach. From chat with the planet itself to emojis, small games and colorful, downloadable graphics: our platform speaks the everyday language of today’s kids. The interactive narrative can be guided by a menu that leads to the discovery of the different sections of the platform: six icons that give access to different games, give rhythm to the experience, and increase the level of engagement of the users as well as the happiness of the planet. In order to build a better future, it is important to educate and involve the youngest generation, raising their awareness on the impact of their daily choices, especially related to food. What better way to do that than to receive a “we need to talk” message from the planet?
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