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Daze is a scale-up created to change the world of electric charging through the power of design, extreme attention to detail and a new way of thinking about energy. We helped them redefine their digital language.

Daze has brought the energy, dynamism and vision of a startup into the world of electric mobility. 
At Daze they are convinced that the journey towards energy transition can be done in style. That’s why they designed advanced and accessible charging systems that blend cutting-edge technology with aesthetic research. Beauty is change.
After their rebranding, Daze needed to disseminate its brand image and make it fully digital. They were looking for a new language representing their sensibility for design, obsession for detail, powerful and colorful energy. Here’s where we stepped in.
For the Daze.eu website we designed a dynamic, colorful, direct and essential language. Supported by a few words, carefully chosen so that the company’s tone of voice would reflect its attention to polished and refined details.
We designed a website that would enhance the significance of the products, making space around them, letting them float and move. In this way, the strength of the digital design expresses the company’s character.
We produced a dedicated photo shooting depicting concrete situations of product use, but more importantly to show how Daze enables simple gestures that can transform things profoundly. With the spread of electric mobility, the energy revolution we all need is literally just a step away.
They say the devil is in the details, and they said the same thing about God. We sure know that design too is about details, so while working on Daze's web visual identity we focused on details, and their power to change the whole picture.
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