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We increased brand awareness, customer engagement, and product recognition of Yakult in Italy, through an easily recognizable storytelling strategy and visual identity, published across their social media channels.
A leading brand in the probiotics sector, Yakult was born in Japan from the dream of microbiologist Minoru Shirota. Its products are marketed in 40 countries across Asia, Europe, the United States, and South America. The brand’s philosophy is based on three pillars: the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, gut health, and the desire to contribute to the happiness of people around the world. With every bottle we open, Yakult opens a new door: to help people feel good with products that taste good, thanks to 20 billion LcS probiotic ferments that promote the balance of intestinal flora.
Starting from the great interest of the Italian audience for all topics related to well-being and the strength of the brand’s scientific commitment, we made Yakult a reference point on social media on the great theme of the intestine—a central organ for our psycho-physical well-being. The public responded positively, showing that they want to deepen their knowledge of these topics. We seized the airwaves with the new TV commercial to give the brand’s social touchpoints a new aesthetic that’s strongly recognizable thanks to the use of the dominant colors of the palette—the red that is linked to the Japanese origins and some shades that are linked to the color of skimmed milk in the product. To embellish the new visual identity and to create continuity with the ATL communication, we made the settings of the bottle’s journey—as told in the commercial—an integral part of the new visual identity. During a such a historical moment like the pandemic, we translated this new brand positioning into a social positioning as distinctive and personifying as the bottle itself, making the theme of the brand’s wellness mission central. We also reinforced this mission through continuous links with the daily missions that our target faces every day, from the smallest and most trivial ones to the biggest and most challenging.
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